Food Delivery Apps in Nepal

There are a few food delivery apps in Nepal, but their popularity and status may vary. Some popular food delivery apps in Nepal include:

  1. Foodmandu
  2. Pathao food
  3. Bhojdeals
  4. FoodGanj
  5. WL Food
  6. Tato Mitho
  7. Pokhara Food Delovery
  8. VokLaagyo
  9. Foodpanda
  10. Bhojmandu
  11. Khaanpin Foods
  12. Yumie

It’s worth mentioning that the food delivery market in Nepal is quite competitive, and new players are entering the market frequently, so the status of these apps may change over time. Also, the food delivery industry in Nepal is still in its early stages and the growth is hindered by poor infrastructure and lack of awareness among the population, but with the increase of internet penetration, it is expected that the industry will grow in the future.

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