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Portfolio ( Software Developer )

 Manoj Kumar Mahato
 Senior Software Engineer at Braindigit IT Solution
 Kathmandu, Nepal
 [email protected]
 +977 9843534280
 About Me
 Software Development is my biggest passion. I am always looking for something new to learn, for a
 new way to improve, for the next challenge. I always enjoy to analyze various software and application
 around the world and go deep into that how they work and just thinking about how they make this
 successful psychologically and technically. So I am Great fan of like website.
 Senior Software Engineer at Braindigit IT Solution
 August 2015 – September 2016
 Software Engineer / SageFrame at Braindigit IT Solution
 April 2014 – August 2015
 Developer at Braindigit IT Solutions
 March 2013 – April 2014
 Developer at Unifun Nepal
 September 2012 – February 2013
 Skills & Expertise
 Software Engineering, Agile Methodologies, Scrum, Software Design, OOP, jQuery, ASP.NET,
 Microsoft SQL Server, Node, MongoDB, AJAX, Databases, .NET, HTML, JSON, ASP.NET MVC,
 Git, MVC, Web Applications, XML, WCF, REST, Programming Software Development, C++, SQL,
 Web Development, Android, Java, ADO.NET, Subversion, jQuery, UI, LINQ, C, Svn, Entity
 Framework, Enterprise Software
 The Outstanding Developer of The Year - March 2015
 Braindigit IT Solution Pvt Ltd
 BE Computer (2007 – 2012)
 Purbanchal University School of Engineering and Technology (PUSET)Projects
 Pepal (HR Software)
 Pepal is a web based Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that simplifies the HR processes.
 Powerful yet easy to use HR software that integrates employees’ information with On-boarding,
 Attendance, Payroll, Training and Leave management.
 My Responsibility : - Payroll and Leave management
                       Api for Mobile Application
 Sage Flick
 SageFlick is an all-powerful theater management system that automates the work-flow and operations
 of a multiplex with much ease. Consisting of a properly managed web portal and thin client application
 linked with a centralized web server;
 My Responsibility : - Collecting and Analyzing Client Requirement and implementing
                       Web portal :- Admin management, Reporting and Front End Development Payment gateway integration
 Khabar Sanchar
 Khabar Sanchar is a fully personalized news app. The objective of this app is to enhance and simplify
 the process of reading news on a Smart phone.
 My Responsibility :- Making Engine to fetch news from Other Source,
                      Web Portal :- Api for Mobile Application
 Hotel Management System
 Complete Package for Hotel Management System(HMS) having desktop app with online booking and management.
 My Responsibility :- Web Part - Booking, Reporting and Admin Management Section
                      Api for Desktop Application
                      Desktop Application – Application Architecture Design and implementation
 Open source Projects
 GitHub – Sageframe ( - March 2014) - Power Your Web Experience with SageFrame
 GitHub – Ad-To-BS ( -March 2014) - AD To BS Converter is Use to Convert .net AD Date To BS (Bikram Sambat) Format.
 GitHub – UnicodeToKantipur ( - March 2014 – February 2015) - Convert Unicode Nepali characters into Kantipur font encoded text
 GitHub – File Renamer ( - February 2015)
 GitHub – MKM BookStore ( - March 2014)

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