Step by Step – Mean Stack for Windows

Step by Step Mean Stack for Windows Go to site to know about mean stack. is one repository for mean stack. MEAN Stack is JavaScript software stack make use of Mongo dB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js. Mongo dB is document oriented NoSQL database which support Ad hock...
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Visual Studio Code installation guide.

VS CODE Installlation Wizard
Go to Link and it will start download VS Code for Windows. By running downloaded file (VSCodeSetup-stable.exe) Installation Wizard will open Chose location to install. Select start menu folder Select Additional Tasks   Ready to install Installing Completing and start VS Code And it’s start screen
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Simple bar graph in canvas.

simple bar Graph
Creating bar-graph in canvas is very easy. In Body Section in html file In Script Section in html file here s1 is data arry to plot bar in canvas and ticks is label for bar. Js Fiddle Link
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Mongodb Query Summary.

RDBMS Vs MongoDB RDBMS MongoDB Database Database Table Collection Tuple/Row Document column Field Table Join Embedded Documents Primary Key Primary Key (Default key _id provided by mongodb itself) Change Databse use DATABASE_NAME Show Database show dbs Drop Database Switch Database then run Code db.dropDatabase() Create Collection db.createCollection(name, options)...
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