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VS CODE Installlation Wizard

Visual Studio Code installation guide.

Go to Link and it will start download VS Code for Windows. By running downloaded file (VSCodeSetup-stable.exe) Installation Wizard will open Chose location to install. Select start menu folder […]

simple bar Graph

Simple bar graph in canvas.

Creating bar-graph in canvas is very easy. In Body Section in html file In Script Section in html file here s1 is data arry to plot bar in canvas and […]

Mongodb Query Summary.

RDBMS Vs MongoDB RDBMS MongoDB Database Database Table Collection Tuple/Row Document column Field Table Join Embedded Documents Primary Key Primary Key (Default key _id provided by mongodb itself) Change Databse […]

Host mongodb in Cloud for free

There are several hosting provider capable of host mongodb database. I like and is very nice ,free and Fully managed. It give 500MB Space for free. Web-based admin tools. […]