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Step by Step – Mean Stack for Windows

Step by Step Mean Stack for Windows

    1. Go to site to know about mean stack. is one repository for mean stack.
    2. MEAN Stack is JavaScript software stack make use of Mongo dB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js.
        • Mongo dB is document oriented NoSQL database which support Ad hock queries, Server-side JavaScript execution for dynamic application
        • Express.js is backend web framework for Node.js and work with Mongo dB and Angular.js
        • Angular.js is frontend MVC JavaScript framework maintained by google.
        • Node.js is Event driven server side web application and is JavaScript framework.

      In summary All four component of MEAN stack is JavaScript framework, Open source, Community driven. And to work with MEAN stack we use one language that is JavaScript.

    3. To get started there are few things to be installed on window.
        • Node.js download latest stable version from (About 10 MB) for you machine and install it.
        • Mongo dB download latest, stable and compatible version for your machine from (About 90 MB) and install it.
        • To work with git install git bash application from 30 MB). There are several GUI tools for windows which are easy to use (eg:- Sourcetree, Tortoise git

      Setup git environment add git.exe to PATH

    4. Install Necessary package
      Open command and install necessary package.

      1. Gulp as automated build tool and enhance workflow.
        To install gulp type in command:

        npm install -g gulp

        npm install -g gulp


        This install gulp globally.

      2. Bower is frontend package manager for web application.
        To install Bower globally

        npm install -g bower 

        npm install -g bower


        This install Bower globally

    5. To install MEAN Base application package, install mean-cli using npm globally
      npm install -g mean-climean-cli

      npm install -g mean-cli


      is MEAN command line and is core package of MEAN stack

    6. To install mean
      Open One New instant of command and run mongod to start mongo dB server.
      And in other command instant go to location where you want to install mean and type code

      mean init StepByStepAnd 

      mean init StepByStep


      this will ask some question like.image005


      And ask to create user for MEANimage006
      And supply email and username with password.After all done it inform us to install dependenciesimage007




      created user can view on mongodb, to view user open new instant of command and type mongo to enter into mongoenviroment
      then type command

      show dbs





      You can view list of database and one with name




      Switch database to mean-dev by command

      use mean-dev




      To view collection type command

      show collections





      You can see there is only one collection of name


      To view all user in pretty way type command :




      Ok now install all dependencies package as instructed after successfully initialization of MEAN.
      Type Command

      D:\Projects\MEAN>cd StepByStep && npm install


    7. To Run run command using

      then browse localhost:3000 in browser you can have a screen as in figure.Meanio image

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