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JSON to CSharp Class in Visual studo

Method to convert json object to class identical to json object, Copy json String. for example go to link http://json.org/example.html and compy any json string Open visual studio and one .cs file Go to edit menu and select paste special and click on Paste Json as Classes. You...
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Visual Studio Code installation guide.

VS CODE Installlation Wizard
Go to Link https://code.visualstudio.com/docs?dv=win and it will start download VS Code for Windows. By running downloaded file (VSCodeSetup-stable.exe) Installation Wizard will open Chose location to install. Select start menu folder Select Additional Tasks   Ready to install Installing Completing and start VS Code And it’s start screen
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Overload Webservice.

TO workout the error when we overload the [WebMethod] like the following you must change webservice code as follows However, we may also get errors if which is the auto generated while adding webservice in visual studio So we need to remove or comment the above line
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