Neo Billing Update Guide

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A. Auto Update

1. Please go to Misc Settings>Software Update
2. Click on Download Update
3. Click on Install Update
3. Click on Database Update

B. Manual Update

How to update the Neo Billing from Version X to Y

Example X =3.5 and Y=3.6

In this guide, I will provide you a method to easy update. This is a texual guide, you can watch the video guide here Before performing an update you should take your site offline by renaming the folder to avoid any data loss or payments transactions that can be done by your customer.

Note! This guide is not applicable for fresh installations.

Step One : Backup the application

Please create a full backup of application ,it is mandatory. Additionally, it will be helpful in case of update failure or raise an issue. Please follow these steps.

  1. Login to application as business owner(admin).
  2. Go to BACKUP & EXPORT section.
  3. Here you will find Backup Database, download a backup of database.
  4. Now login to server control panel.
  5. Crate a backup folder in your server document directory, i.e. yourapp_backup.
  6. Move your current installed Neo Billing project's all files to yourapp_backup folder.

Step Two : Uploadling the new update

  1. Now extract the latest package of Neo Billing which has been downloaded by you recently from to an other folder/location.
  2. After extraction you will see application_setup OR files_to_upload folder.
  3. Move application_setup folder's all files to your current installed Neo Billing project folder. (Where you had installed the application, make sure that directory is empty.).
  4. Do not forget upload .htaccess also becasue many it remains hidden

Step Three : Files update

As we have crated a backup folder yourapp_backup in STEP ONE, go there and...

Copy and replace following files from yourapp_backup to your project directory where you have recently uploaded new files.
  1. yourapp_backup/index.php


  2. yourapp_backup/application/config/config.php


  3. yourapp_backup/application/config/database.php


  4. yourapp_backup/application/confg/lic.php


  5. yourapp_backup/crm/index.php


  6. yourapp_backup/crm/application/config/config.php


  7. yourapp_backup/crm/application/config/database.php


Copy and replace following files folder from yourapp_backup to your proejct directory where you have recently uploaded new files.
  1. yourapp_backup/userfiles



Step Four : Database update

You have to import upgrade_archive/update_build_X*.sql to you database.

Here X* means your next version number - if your current version is 3.5 but avaiable build is version 3.6+ than select one-by-one

> upgrade_archive/3.5_to_3.6_.sql
> upgrade_archive/3.6_to_3.x.sql

You can ignore 0KB size files - it indicated no database change in the particular build example 3.5_to_3.6.sql.